COVID-19 thoughts

What will happen in the next months concerning COVID-19? Taiwan had a day to celebrate yesterday with zero new infections. Yay! We're not through the woods yet, but we should recognize our victories as they come.

Soon I need to go out to wait in line again for more face masks. It's a hassle, but really this isn't so bad as how it could be. I'm grateful for how Taiwan has handled the situation. I've been hearing from friends around the world about lockdowns in their countries. People are getting stir crazy from staying at home. Personally I probably wouldn't mind staying home most of the time, but I can understand that most people want to get out.

God bless us all around the world. I pray for the leaders and health care professionals and everyone else in our quest to fight this infection.


  1. I don't mind the home quarantine here. My whole life I never even went out to play games with other kids, because of my asthma. I was so jealous that the other kids play with their friends and I'm just in the house watching them as they play. But now I don't mind those thoughts at all! In fact my whole life isn't different, home quarantine or not, I'm still inside the house. Which is great, to me at least.


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