Leaving War of Genesis

I'm going to be leaving the mobile game War of Genesis. I find myself devoting less and less time to the game. I feel that the guild has been slowly dying since our leader Dex left. I knew this would happen, though I had hoped I might be wrong. The new leader AJ is a cool guy, but I don't think he has the personality or the time to really keep things going as the leader. He was great as a second-in-command. Oh, but how I'll miss my friend Mia. 🙁

Besides, I think the game isn't so conducive to bringing people together. Yes, they have group activities, like Storm Conquest, guild festivals, and now the new raids. But Storm Conquest is the only one where you really have to work together, and that gets ruined by the P2W players.

BTW, I tried to get into Dragon Raja this morning to finally play again, but I couldn't access the server. A sign for me to stop playing that too?


  1. Members leaving because their leader left? Sounds quite familiar.

    The real purpose of playing games is for the player to have fun. Well, some games are made to make the player frustrated, but once you finsih the game you'll feel amazing, fulfilled and sometimes you wanna go for another round to get the most efficient way to beat the game.

    I'm saying this because of experience, I played a lot of games in the past. I still enjoy Counter Strike, not because I'm good at it, but because I'm having fun.

    Are you still having fun playing ML?

    1. Yes, still having fun playing ML. Some nights we have a losing streak, but playing is still enjoyable. There's the unfortunate whining and name-calling from some players, but I've always been able to push that aside for the most part.


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