Allergies killing me today

Oh man, my allergies have been killing me today! I get periods every once in awhile where my allergies start acting up terribly. I went to the clinic today to get more allergy medicine since I ran out. The medicine didn't quite work right away though. I took a second pill, and now I'm finally feeling better. Maybe the nap I took also helped. I've been staying up late recently playing ML, so my sleep schedule isn't so good. Haha, I can't help it. I want to play ML while I can. 😀


  1. I hate my allergies as well. It reacts whenever I eat seafood that I love. I get rashes all over, my eyes will be red and all those kinds of stuff. BTW, you should sleep for at least 6 hours.

    1. Ahh, food allergies would be really annoying, especially if something you like eating. Haha, though actually I've thought it might be good to be allergic to seafood so that family wouldn't keep making me try squid and stuff like that. 😀 And yeah, that's right about 6 hours sleep being the minimum. I usually try to make it up with naps or a longer sleep on the weekend.


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