Now there's an audience

Ahh so my friend Scruffy found the link to this blog. I knew he'd be the first to figure it out, but this is sooner than I expected.

Not sure if this will change the way I write now that there's an audience. Haha. 😀 But I'll try to just keep this like a diary of my thoughts, my lost whispers.

Actually I had a crazy thought that maybe I could set up another blog site or use this one to allow other people to just blog their lost whispers, too. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose would be, but maybe just a sort of therapy for people, and they can support each other.


  1. The real question is, where the heck did you find that picture?

    1. Haha, yes, there's a way to search Google for a particular image. I was lucky enough to find it using your profile pic on Discord. 😀


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