What a waste

This afternoon I unexpectedly had two hours of uninterrupted time. And how did I take advantage of it? I didn't. 😥 I just wasted it wondering what to do with myself. 😥

I went through a list of possible things I could do, and I didn't feel like doing any of them. I didn't feel like catching up on anime or watching a movie. I didn't feel like playing any game. I thought about reading, but I've been finding other times for that already, so I thought I should use the time for something else. I maybe should have cleaned up some things or even just took a nap. But I didn't feel like doing any of that.

I ended up just messing around on YouTube looking for music videos with cool visuals like anime or game clips. It was somewhat interesting, but really just a waste of good time. 😥

I really need to plan out activities for unexpected chunks of free time. Though I guess I did have a list and just didn't feel like doing any of it. So what can I do to feel ready to take advantage of free time next time? Maybe I should have listened to some music. That usually pumps me up.


  1. How about mute your in-game sound and play some music while playing the game?

    I do this a lot, usually when trying to beat a hard level on Arknights.

    1. Ahh yes, I often play games without the sounds. But that's a good idea about listening to music while play Arknights. Haha, though unfortunately I've been finding myself getting lazy and not wanting to do any new scenarios because they require thinking. 😀 I've been mainly doing the auto-deploy to use up insanity points.

    2. Ummm, by the way, I meant "sanity points" not "insanity points". Haha. 😀


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