Dark Future

The screenshot is my EVE Online character with a cybernetic arm I was testing out. Haha. 😀 I thought it might be cool to give her one and come up with a background roleplaying story about how she lost her arm.

Anyway, the main topic I was thinking to write about was the darkness in the near and far future. There are so many scary things happening in the world around us. And even if all the political and health issues turn out okay, there's still the ever approaching changes that must occur as new technologies get introduced.

I find myself getting more and more interested in science fiction. I use to prefer fantasy worlds, probably because it was a good way to escape. But now I find myself fascinated about ideas of what may soon happen. These include issues like privacy, AI, and virtual worlds.

I decided to read more Warhammer 40k books. I had read the Gideon Eisenhorn trilogy previously and loved them.

P.S. I had written this post on June 21 and intended to continue, but I got caught up in other things and never returned. And every time I feel like writing some other blog post, I keep thinking about this unfinished one. So I'm just going to publish this as is and hope to pick up on the topic in a future post. But there will likely be other posts in the meantime. 🙂