Chilling dream

I had an extremely chilling dream last night. Maybe it should be called a nightmare. Though I'm not sure if it can be called that since it wasn't scary at all throughout the actual dream. It wasn't until the end that I came to a realization and then felt a chill when I woke up.

In the dream, I was driving my younger niece to school as I usually do. A lot of it was blurry, but there came a part about what happens at the end of the school day. Apparently the kids are all put in a dark container with a ramp that slides down to water. The water holds a huge shark and the kids are fed to it. There was an implied idea that later they are cloned or somehow reborn into fresh new bodies. WTF!!! 😱

I know it sounds so messed up, but in the dream this all seemed like a normal thing. I was even picturing the shark and the kids all huddled up inside the container. 😨 I was trying to comfort my niece about the situation. We were discussing whether it was better to be eaten first to get it over with, or to wait as long as possible but then see everyone else get eaten. Again, WTF!!! 😱 Somehow in the dream I finally realized that this was all wrong, that this couldn't be real. I woke up with a start and felt a horrible chill.

This has haunted me throughout the day. What in the world is this suppose to mean? Does it have something to do with not going along with society when you feel something is wrong? Maybe...

BTW, sorry for saying "WTF." I don't usually like to curse or even use acronyms for cursing like that. But I was saying this in my mind over and over after I woke up. And really this is the only way to convey my feeling succinctly in this situation.