Feel like I'm on the edge of revelation

I feel like I'm on the edge of some sort of revelation about my life, yet I can't quite reach it. I feel like I just have to seek a little harder or longer or whatever, then I'll figure something out. Should I do more experiments or take more leaps of faith? Will that help me? Will that give me more perspectives?

I will have some free time this afternoon. Maybe a couple hours or so. What will I do with that? I think I'll take some time off my work. Perhaps I should simply clean and organize. Or would it be best to read or watch something for inspiration? Oh, how difficult these choices are! 😕

I feel that I'm close to turtling up again. Avoiding all input. I have people seeking my attention. Some for their own issues, some sincerely trying to help me. I have to resist closing myself off. I think I can handle it this time.