Bullet Journal 2022-11-26 Saturday

  • Tired, although I slept longer
    • Maybe depression?
    • Probably depression from family issues
  • Trying to focus on being thankful for what I have
  • Started reading ReDawn by Brandon Sanderson
    • Novella in the Skyward series
  • Recalled today that I may have forgotten to reply to Jun
    • Need to check my Discord again soon
    • Not really feeling like looking there
    • Don't think I can handle more
    • Why do I make things so difficult?
    • What's wrong with me?
  • Sometimes wish I could just be a spirit that helps people in the background
    • Watch people from a distance
    • Help them out at times when hope is lost
    • Be close yet far at the same time
    • Be involved in their lives and helping, yet keep myself apart