Bullet Journal 2022-11-17 Thursday

Remember, the key to accomplishing something big is to stay focused on what you're trying to bring into the world and putting a little something on the plot every day.
― Donald Miller
  • How in the world do some people write so much so quickly?
    • Wish I was a better writer
    • I know part of it is simply practice
    • Just doing it as a routine and gradually getting better
    • I'll keep up with this journaling at least
  • Keep viewing AI art
    • Amazed still by what I see
    • Want to get into using it
    • Not exactly sure what I need to do
    • I have some ideas of how to use AI art for my potential projects
  • Reading!
    • Can I get to it today?
  • Found myself aggravated yesterday by someone's ridiculous request
    • Not sure whether to just give in and do it to smooth things over
    • Or whether to push back so this doesn't continue in the future
    • Still disappointed in myself for letting it get to me more than it should
    • I should be more calm about these things
  • Keep finding myself wasting time
    • Still trying to figure out best way to handle lists of tasks
    • Best things so far are daily habits
    • I tend to get those done at least