Bullet Journal 2022-11-23 Wednesday

  • Trying to be positive and thankful
  • Almost finished reading Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything by Viktor Frankl
  • Still learning guitar
    • Feels like slow progress
    • Getting better at the 3 chords I'm working on
    • Fingers don't hurt as much
    • Still hard to switch between them
  • Trying to get through little tasks
    • Finished up some tasks that were tugging at me
  • Want to chat more with people
    • Though also afraid for some reason
    • Feel afraid of starting things up?
    • Feel afraid that I can't consistently reply?
    • Why should this matter so much?
    • Again, I think mostly I'm just afraid of having too much to think about
    • Yet I need a release
  • When things are going smoothly, I'm afraid to make waves
    • Yet that is probably when I should be taking more chances
    • I need to make myself more comfortable with confrontation
    • And with choices and making decisions


  1. Practicing playing guitar should be consistent or else you'll get rusty, though, I shouldn't be the one saying this lol


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