Today I decided to subscribe to Todoist again. I last used it a few years ago. I think I need to get back to a more structured way of handling all my tasks. I find that I've gone back and forth on this over the years.

I assume it's because I find the structure unbearable after a time, or that I decide there must be a better way to handle things. So I want to try something different, usually less structured, and then go downhill from there. Until it gets to this point where I find everything too hectic and then seek structure once more.

I hope that I've learned something along the way and can make it work better this time. I feel like I can. I already had some ideas of what to keep from before and what to change.

I'm not sure if the fact that this is a new year made me do this. I wasn't thinking about New Year's resolutions and the like. But it's possible that subconsciously this was part of it.

One aspect that I'm undecided on is how to handle habits. Part of me just wants to include it with everything else in Todoist. But then when looking at them all in there, I realize that it's just going to clutter things. So probably keeping them separate is best. Or at least the daily habits. Habits that have a longer timespan can possibly be put into Todoist.