Bullet Journal 2022-01-16 Sunday

  • Feeling more hopeful recently
    • Working on changing my mindset
    • Trying out various methods from the past that I remember helping
  • Feel like I want to ask Arete about Telume
    • They have quote on their FoL profile
    • I think Telume is a RP character of theirs
    • Feel hesitant to just come out and ask though
  • Starting to feel more like playing Forum Mafia again
    • Probably stick with adding myself as backup
    • See what opportunity presents itself
    • Probably should follow a game more closely
  • Still thinking about Misc game to host on FoL
    • Kind of want to finish designing Forum Moba
    • Maybe should go with Betrayal at House on the Hill though
  • Thinking about my purpose more and more
    • Thinking about what truly motivates me
  • Like some of the new styles by one of my favorites artists named Nixeu