Managing overwhelm

Last night I had a situation where I was quickly becoming overwhelmed and almost breaking. Looking back, I see that it was actually quite silly. But at that moment in time, I felt like everything was coming together to break me.

I had been taking a nap in preparation for working late. I cut it short to check on something quickly. However, now that I was available, everyone was needing my help or attention for various things. And I still had my own tasks to finish up. Then other things I still planned to do later. My mind started to wander into future months ahead and worry that perhaps everything was headed to one big failure.

I forced myself not to think about everything else and just focus on the one thing I was doing at the time. This got me through it all. Everything settled again to a stable situation.

I am still anxious about the months ahead. I am trying to hold faith that taking it a step at a time will get me through it all.