Bullet Journal 2022-01-23 Sunday

  • Started post Friday on dealing with difficult people
    • Don't think I'll manage to finish it
    • That day I had to separately deal with 2 difficult people and their blow-ups
    • Situations were still somewhat ongoing
    • People I've had issues with before
    • Unfortunately can't do anything to avoid dealing with them
    • Could feel myself getting depressed and feeling so overwhelmed
    • Like it was end of everything good again
    • Stopped myself from going too far down
    • Realized I could work through it
    • Just needed to handle things calmly
    • Things worked out fairly well
  • Learned my cousin has cancer
    • She's gone through other difficulties in her life recently already
    • Feel so bad for her
    • Can't help feeling a bit relieved that I'm not going through that
    • Feel grateful for what I have
    • Feel less worried about my own problems
    • Is it good or bad that other people's problems can make us feel better about our own?
    • What if a scapegoat of sorts is necessary for us to put things into perspective?
    • For us to realize things could always be worse
  • Listened to Stoic podcast today that was really good
  • CRichard's Blood on the Forums game on FoL started


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