Bullet Journal 2022-01-20 Thursday

  • Discovered that Ruby in Mobile Legends was turned into a Fighter/Tank instead of just Fighter
    • May go back to using her since she was fun
    • Apparently she can be good as a roaming tank, like Lolita
    • Continuing to go up in Rank
  • Chatted with Vulgard about post-rock
    • Sent me link to website Post-Pedia
    • Told me about various post-rock bands, including one strangely named 417.3
    • Apparently he use to enjoy listening to Two Steps From Hell a lot as well
    • Also talked about the RPing survey on FoL
  • Family member diagnosed with possible ovarian tumor
    • Praying for her
  • Woke up a bit late this morning
    • Not sure if I just slept through my alarms???
    • Thank God it wasn't too late
    • Could have gone horribly wrong and been late to drive my nieces to school
    • Today is especially important for them to be there on time