Music tastes

So been thinking about music tastes. I've discovered that mine are quite different from most of the others at FoL. They've been doing the FoLrus, which is a sort of music choice competition for various categories and various judges.

I think Sulit put my song midway, though not sure. I think she was giving almost all songs higher ratings and having lots of ties, so hard to tell. But for others like Orange and DatBird, I think my songs were in the lower half. I guess that's fine. I wasn't exactly expecting to match with what they'd like. Though I'm surprised by some of the songs that they ranked high. Most of the stuff Orange ranked high just sounded horrible to me. Everything just sounded like stuff old people listen to. 🙂 I mean, I like some oldies here and there. Though mostly for nostalgia. Nothing really I'd listen to over and over again.

Today Chloe did hers. I was thinking the Meet Me On The Battlefield song by SVRCINA would be something she'd like. But apparently I was wrong since it appeared she had a low rating for it.

So I feel a little sad about that. She was my last hope. But that's fine. People are different. I might be radically different from those at FoL. I guess I always kind of knew that, but this just shows it even more.

Though Vulgard likes something called post-rock. I really had no idea what that was. He put in his FoL profile how he's a post-rock enthusiast. I thought he was just saying he liked that music style. But it might be more than that. When we were talking about pfps for Mobile Legends and using his current pfp for Discord, he mentioned that it was difficult finding good pfps with a post-rock style. So then I realized the enthusiast part might actually be something more serious.

I searched Spotify for post-rock and found a best of post-rock playlist. I've been listening to some of the songs. I appears that post-rock is mostly lyricless. And somewhat somber. But I kind of like it. It's definitely something I could see myself listening to as background music while doing stuff. I probably should ask Vulgard what his favorites songs and bands are.