Bullet Journal 2022-01-05 Wednesday

  • Playing less on Board Game Arena
  • Playing in Blood on the Forum game on FoL
    • CRichard plans to host one next
    • His 1st time as main storyteller
  • Playing in Mobile Legends still
    • Reached Epic again recently
    • Hope I can reach Legend by the end of the season
    • Reached No. 31 Lolita for Taiwan
    • Continuing to mostly play Lolita
    • Tempted to play other heroes, but don't want to screw up 🙂
  • Saw that the Player's Invitational game is starting up on FoL
    • Wish I could have joined
    • Looks like nice player list
    • Not really ready for Forum Mafia yet
    • Had to decline some invitations to games recently
    • My current situation isn't really good for playing
  • Continuing to listen to Stoic podcasts a lot
    • Hope to talk more about them soon


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