They started a song competition on FoL. This is something that was brought over from POG 2+2. I remember seeing thread titles about Walrus, but didn't really look closely at what they were about. I assumed they were some sort of trivia game like they enjoy playing over there.

Anyway, we have to submit songs that fit various categories with a separate judge for each. The judges have their own preferences, but are also trying to look for something new from what they usually listen to. It's a fun idea.

I spent awhile this morning deciding on songs and eventually submitted my picks. Here they are below.


1. Non-Christmas Holiday Music (Valentine's Day)

Icon For Hire - Counting On Hearts (w/ Lyrics)

2. Don’t Skip the Opening

No game No life OP - This Game┃Cover by Raon Lee

3. Rainy Daze

SVRCINA - Meet Me On The Battlefield [Official Lyric Video]