Bullet Journal 2021-10-19 Tuesday

  • Words are so limiting
    • Or at least my ability with words are so limiting
    • I feel like I can only get a small percentage of what I'm thinking down into words
    • I feel like the words limit what I'm trying to say
    • This is frustrating and makes me not even want to try
    • However I know that's not a good solution
    • Better solution would be to improve my writing
  • Arguing with people can be so frustrating
    • Sometimes it is so obvious that the other person isn't even considering logic of arguments
    • So then is there a point to continue?
    • How do I know when to keep fighting and when to just let it go?
    • I have a personal bias towards avoiding conflict
    • So then I worry that I'm convincing myself to let things go that I shouldn't
    • But then I also can't help feeling that it's right to only get into conflicts that are necessary
    • Reminds me of parts of Stormlight Archive
    • Character and his father have opposing viewpoints on this