Bullet Journal 2021-10-04 Monday

  • Let Chloe know about the static mirror copy of FoL
  • See if I can get around to replies today
  • New Coup game in signups at FoL
    • Special homebrew version called Uprising
    • Looks like quite a number of changes compared to other custom versions
  • Vulgard's birthday was yesterday
  • Feeling kind of tired?
  • Found the above artwork and curious where it came from
    • Appears to be cover for online music album from Seventhrun
    • Tried listening to some songs from them on Spotify, but didn't like them
    • Seems like techno/electronic music, which I'm not a fan of
    • But the artwork is great 🙂
    • Also like the name "Forbidden Weapons" 🙂