Bullet Journal 2021-10-09 Saturday

  • Bad luck yesterday evening
  • Some bad luck today
    • Resolved problem though
  • Took care of issue I'd been delaying for months
  • Sounds like Ashra from Senate successfully took over my SINoALICE account
  • Trinity Blood Mafia game on Mafia Colosseum finished
    • Wolves won
    • I got rather angry at a particular player during that game
    • Treated me rudely by criticizing me for not catching up and posting within a few hours after I'd replaced in
    • Already around 3000 posts by that time with complicated mechanics
    • Also kept misconstruing my words
    • Tunneled me to ML
    • Mostly over this now 🙂
    • CRich did really well in his SK role
  • Now trying to continue with my break from Forum Mafia
    • Tempting to help backup Mad17 game on FoL
    • Has needed a few backups so early
    • Still needs backup despite having 6 players signed up as backups