Goodbye SINcerity

Well, I hadn't planned on saying much for goodbyes before leaving SINcerity, but then thought I should after TeeQuake mentioned me in the guild announcements. I'm actually feeling sadder than I expected.


  1. Bidding farewell even though it's online still hits. Think about the time you've spent with those people. Soon it will be very nostalgic, I guess.

    1. Oh definitely. Actually the loss of online relationships can often hit me more than the IRL ones.

    2. Lmao, I sympathize more to fictional characters than the real ones

    3. Strangely enough, I often feel the same. I've cried more often for fictional characters than IRL people. Maybe it's a defense mechanism.

      I like how Jordan Peterson puts it. People often dismiss fiction as not real. But in a way fiction is more than real. It is meta-real because it takes the essence of reality and distills it. It takes away the other distractions of life and shows the important parts in a new light.


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