Bullet Journal 2021-05-30 Sunday

  • Already see that Pixel Starships probably won't be that great long-term
  • Heard Japanese version of SINoALICE later got skin feature
    • Tempting to be able to change to any other skin for same job
    • Not sure if that's enough to keep me playing
    • It shouldn't be
    • Also had thought about switching colo time slot
    • Again probably shouldn't be enough to keep me playing
  • Reading Fugitive Telemetry
    • Has a lot of the same feeling as previous books
    • Worried that the author might overuse sarcastic humor
    • So far not bad


  1. Lmao SINoALICE, I thought you got rid of that already. And skins? What? Even if Arknights make a skin for my favorite character I won't play it in the long run. I'm still playing Arknights because of the story, the gameplay, my not leveled up operators that I like, the story, and most importantly the gacha. In Arknights I actually have quite the luck, in other games my luck always gets siphoned by a certain someone, so it'd be a waste if I don't play.

    1. Yeah, yeah. Well, it would have been nice to switch around to different characters I'd collected in SINoALICE instead of only using the 2 special ones needed for the battles. But anyway, that's true that it wouldn't really be enough in the long run.

      That's great you are finding luck in Arknights. That game isn't so bad for gacha. Though I'm surprised you are sticking with FGO when that's one of the worst. 🙂 Though I suppose you stay there for the storyline.


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