Kryptic Radial

I was trying out Ayoa, which is an online mind mapping tool. I especially like how they let you switch between different views. I've been trying out the radial view.

I'm using the name Kryptic for my overall combined persona. In a book I've recently been reading, there are entities called Cryptics. Also, I've been intrigued with another close word "cryptid" for mythological creatures. So Kryptic is a good name for this mysterious persona I'm trying to figure out.

Then Prime is the name for my IRL persona and Double Prime for my online persona. Then from there I added various aspects of each. I think it's an interesting way to look at who I am.

Oh, an idea popped up to maybe use this tool somehow for Forum Mafia. But I'll need to think about this some more.


I forgot to jot down these connections I made earlier.

  • Cordylia Valerius = Shallan
  • Psylent Knight = Brightness Radiant
  • Whysper Kitsune = Veil