The Resistance

How is it that every time I feel like I'm ready to make forward progress, the Resistance manifests and keeps me down? It brings about all sorts of obstacles, real and mental. I can't do this.

I need to turtle up. Right now I'm on the defensive.

Though I started thinking that maybe this is something necessary for progress? Maybe the Phoenix does need to die and be reborn. I was just remembering how I once used the name Phoenix. I think that was my first online name.

Because of my uncertain schedule now, I got out of a couple Forum Mafia games I had signed up for. So maybe that's good? Maybe I'm not ready for those? I should be doing something else now? So the Resistance is helping me to narrow things down to the most critical. I think that's happened often in my life.

I was trying out a couple new mind mapping tools. I think I might be switching. Actually this one that also has a radial view seems interesting. I was starting to chart out my various personas.

I'm very close to finally leaving Age of Magic.

I want to focus on learning and improving skills for the upcoming battles. I want to improve my drawing. I use to love drawing. I want to learn the new computer skills for drawing.

I want to learn to program. I should start with a Discord bot.

I want to learn to write creatively. And improve my writing in other areas.

I really need to work on my Chinese. I've been letting that fall way behind and it's a tragedy.

The Phoenix must die and be reborn.


  1. wow, that's a lot of "wants", well, us humans normally have lots of wants but to me, I think that'll backfire to you soon, cause of overwork and stuff

    focus on one thing first then the other, prioritize what's more important

    idk, you do you, I do me, I guess, can't really help since I'm nothing more than an ignorant kid lmao

    1. Oh, I realize that's a lot of wants. I was just spewing things. It's more a matter of recognizing there are so many other more worthy wants to use my time for. 🙂


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