Bullet Journal 2021-05-31 Monday

  • Grand Colo done in SINoALICE, so free to leave
  • Clan Wars done in Age of Magic, so free to leave
  • Ellibereth asking how he can help
  • Const finally contacted me back
    • His family all got COVID
    • Sounds like other difficulties also
  • Finished Fugitive Telemetry
    • Book 6 of Murderbot Diaries
    • Rated 4 stars
    • Fast-paced and interesting throughout
    • Not quite as good as previous ones, but satisfied my need for more Murderbot 🙂
    • Noted how Murderbot talks in probabilities all the time
  • Exhausting weekend helping nieces
  • Community FM game coming up for FoL
  • Lots of rain lately
    • Some relief for our drought situation