SINoALICE and more

So the global version of SINoALICE was released last week on July 1st. I've been playing fervently since then. I'll admit it is rather grindy, but it still keeps me fascinated enough to want to keep playing. The storyline is acceptable, mostly because of the interesting dark twist to classic fairy tales. That seems to be a common idea used in lots of shows and movies and other media in recent years.

I was also busy last week with family and work stuff. This week has somewhat eased up, which is why I can finally sit down and write. I really, really need to get back into this. I can feel how I slowly lose myself more and more when I don't get a chance to process things here. I crave writing on this blog. But I also feel hesitant to start posts sometimes because I'm uncertain what I'll write and not sure I want to start something I can't finish. But I think I need to push myself and overcome that hesitation. I feel the words start to flow more easily as I just type and type. I doesn't matter if this is all dribble. This is really just a way for me to process my thoughts.

Perhaps I'll leave this post as is for now. I need to go out soon. I can pick up with another post later if I find the time. I really need to write about the fascinating dream I had a week or two ago. I jotted some notes down and still somewhat remember it, so I need to get it down in writing before it fades away.