Going to be extra busy week

Well, this will likely be an extra busy week. Lots of activities to help with. Some changes in routines. So I need to be prepared to handle the stress. Haha. 😀

I've been trying to come up with better ways to handle my tasks based on experience with what actually helps me. I've tried to get myself to focus more on the practical than theory. Sometimes things just seem to work better in practice even though it seems like something else should be better in theory. Experiments are good. 🙂

I'm still wondering if Habitica is worth keeping up with. I have found it helps with some dailies. But that's about it. The social aspect seems lacking. Our anime group doesn't really talk much, even about anime. I've noticed that Archer has pretty much given up on using it. He hasn't checked in for over two weeks.

I'm going to try the idea of focusing on ONE Thing in each of the 4 life areas I've identified: Self, Home, Other, Work (SHOW). I reorganized a spreadsheet I had before for this. I'll keep 3 things listed for each life area, but move up ONE for the current focus in each.