Bullet Journal 2022-10-25 Tuesday

  • Signed up for Secret Societies game on FoL
  • Considering whether to ask Chloe about how things are going with FoL
    • Want to ask about any issues or plans
    • Maybe I'll write a post and have some polls about various things
  • Trying to get myself involved in more projects that make me feel good
  • Continuing to watch Lycoris Recoil
  • Not sure whether to keep playing much on BGA
    • Fun sometimes yet also gets repetitive
    • Feel like sometimes I'm just playing to try to make progress in the Arena
    • Think I should probably play more real-time games on there instead
    • Difficult to guarantee stretch of time for that though
  • Trying not to dwell on how despicable some people can be
    • Difficult to balance being forgiving and merciful with being a pushover
    • Realize I need to work out these issues before I become someone with more power and influence
    • Subconsciously I might be holding myself back since I know I'm not ready
    • Need to care yet not care
    • I see the contradictions in the messages I hear, yet I also feel like there is a certain path of balance that makes it all work out