Bullet Journal 2022-10-16 Sunday

  • Yesterday was fairly successful
    • Completed one planned task in good timing
    • Completed another task I had hoped to do and did successfully
    • Also accomplished something on my own that I use to dread having to ask others to do
    • Happy that I can handle it by myself in the future
  • Today was so-so
    • Couple times I almost worried myself too far, but got over it
    • Feel tired this evening
    • Dread talking with family about things
    • Feel like I just get negative feedback
  • Overcame a near fall into depression
    • Reminded myself that I'm on a mission
    • Want to solidify my thoughts on this
  • Watched 1st episode of anime called Lycoris Recoil
    • Seems like an interesting show
    • Like Chisato's desire to just help people with her talent