Bullet Journal 2022-10-10 Monday

  • Today is Taiwan's national day! 🙂
    • Glad to see more and more people around the world supporting Taiwan
    • Saw article about Taiwanese citizen's being more inspired to protect their country based on Ukraine's example
  • Still feeling kind of weird about my direction
    • Trying to just choose things to move forward on
    • Created mindmap named Forward for listing areas where I can make progress on
  • Still not sure on whether to join the next FM game on FoL
  • This week shouldn't be too bad
    • Weekend went pretty well
  • Miach contacted me again with a supportive message
    • Shade has pinged me on Discord
    • Really should respond soon
  • SM from Fiverr gave me some stuff to look at for the FoL database search
    • Little confusing, but will try to find time to check it out
    • Not exactly sure what his timeline is for the rest
  • Urgent issues coming in