Taking a break from Forum Mafia

Okay, I decided I better just take another break from Forum Mafia for the next 3 weeks. There's too much chance for unexpected things to occur around the Chinese New Year, so I can't guarantee any consistent schedule. I already sent a PM to Seth about needing a replacement for the Mafia and Werewolves game on SmashBoards. I was struggling with deciding whether to try to continue playing with very little effort or just come out and tell him I need to drop out. I feel bad, but it's probably for the best.

I did like SmashBoards much better than the other site Seth previously asked me to join. This group of players appears to be more mature. Some have played from 8 to 15 years. Wow! I hope that I'll continue playing for years to come. 😀

I'm also not going to sign up as backup for games at this time. That's still my preferred way to play, though. I think it is nice being able to skip the beginning of the game. And it's even better if a few people are already eliminated and the number of players are much less. 😀