Why is it so hard to just write?

Okay, so I keep wanting to write more. I know that writing is an important skill. All kinds of writing. And especially in the new world of the future. Communication across distances will be key. Yes, the technologies to do video conferencing and even more is growing in usage, but writing is still going to be one of the main forms of communication.

And it's not just the writing method that I think is important. It is the ability to form thoughts and present them to others to get a point across. I've always had trouble getting my thoughts out, whether in writing or speech or even art I suppose. More practice is a start.

So here I am just writing. I have lots of plans for other topics to blog about. Like the social deduction games I've been playing. I keep wanting to write my thoughts here, but for some reason just don't get around to it. I've considered even writing while the game is ongoing, but holding onto the posts to publish after the game is complete to be sure not to give away info during the game. It would be so nice to be able to go back and read my thought processes from previous games.

I also should writing more about the books I read. I usually forget so much from books I've read in the past. Having a diary or journal of what I've read would be valuable in remembering at least the key points I got from the books. This would be good even for fiction. I often have so many thoughts that I wish I could write about more concretely. Right now I'm reading a book from the Awaken Online series. I love reading LitRPG novels. It is so interesting to consider the online worlds that may be coming in the near future.

Well, I'll stop at this for now. I'm starting to hesitate with my flow of thoughts. I've heard about setting a time limit on writing so that you end at a place that makes you eager to return again next time.


  1. Yes, it's hard to write. I'm also trying my bes, well not really, to write a short novel type story thingy. I can't even think of words that is most suitable for the situation and how to describe the movements, actions that is done by the characters. I truly am not good at this sort of stuff, but it's fun! Really fun, at times...

    1. Ahh, cool that you are interested in writing stories. I've had that wish once in awhile, but I know I wouldn't get very far with my current storytelling abilities. :) But sometimes it feels like I have all these ideas of stories in my head and I just wish there was a way to get them down.


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