Snow Girl

 This is the profile pic I started using December 8, 2020, for the Countries FM game at Forum of Lies. I was actually a wolf with the role of Soviet Union, but I was pretending to just be town as Iceland. πŸ˜€ 

That was such a satisfying win. I came in as a backup and was surprised to be a wolf instead of town. And Vulgard was one of the wolves as well. That was pretty cool. But things had already been going downhill by the time I joined, and then they got even worse when the NK (Neutral Killer) eliminated most of the wolves. My two remaining teammates, Vulgard and Min, were bleeding and would be dying soon, and only I would be left in the end. It looked like a loss for the wolves, and not through any good play by town.

However, through good fortune, the NK actually mentioned bleeding someone else before they were executed. Vulgard died the next day, and Min would die the day after. I formed a plan. I told Min not to mention that he was actually the one bleeding. The other players thought the NK didn't actually go through with a bleed and proceeded as normal. I was highly suspected and would probably be executed the next day. But when that day arrived, I pretended that I was actually a vigilante role and shot Min myself. Haha. πŸ˜€ The remaining town members were cheering and saying I was now definitely town through mech proof. No one considered the bleed and that I might be faking. So eventually it got down to the final 3 and I was able to make the other 2 players suspect each other and the wolves won. Yay! πŸ˜€

I made this banner to reveal myself at the end as the Soviet Union. It's a play on the movie Anna about a female Soviet spy/assassin.


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