Bullet Journal 2021-04-29 Wednesday

  • Keep getting distracted/overwhelmed from posting here
    • Feel like have bunches of thoughts swirling in mind
    • Want to get them out in writing
    • Can I find the time?
    • Necessary
  • "He that lets the small things bind him leaves the great undone behind him."
    • Piet Hein
    • From WindwardAway's signature on MC
  • Did I post about my most recent pfp change?
  • Replaced into Sonic the Heghog game for FoL but hosted on MU
  • Forum Battle Royale game should be ending soon
    • Need to finish some achievement stuff
    • Need to finish posting actions for previous rounds
  • Still considering quitting Age of Magic again
  • Probably continue with SINoALICE bit longer
    • Like the guild atmosphere better there