Bullet Journal 2021-04-08 Thursday

  • Started signups for Forum Battle Royale on FoL
  • Remembered to update game list on FoL
  • Depressed this morning
    • Made worse by incident with J
    • Started mindmap about decisions I need to make
  • Read article about how someone has been using Captain America comics to depict Red Skull as parody of Jordan Peterson
  • Still thinking about Korean movie Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days
    • Interesting message about how we need to see things from the perspective of others
    • Sins are often committed for reasons that make more sense when viewed from their perspective, so we should be more forgiving
    • People who commit sins need to seek forgiveness before it is too late
  • Reading more articles recently about increasing threat of attack from China
  • Read interesting blog post from my friend Scruffy
  • Almost forgot to mention song by Icon for Hire that touched me this morning


  1. Doing blogs are a fun, thank you, my blog freak friend :happyface:

    Might watch that movie if I have time,
    it sounds interesting

    1. Glad you enjoy blogging 😃 I read the first chapter of that manga and started the second. It was interesting enough that I might continue. Though probably slowly.

      As far as the Korean movie, be sure to watch Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds first since that comes right before it. They are directly connected. I think there will be a third, also.


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