Bullet Journal 2021-04-12 Monday

  • Oh man, I feel like I'm going crazy!
    • Overwhelmed!
    • Need to cut back
  • Want more time to read
  • No time or energy to chat
  • Members from Lemon Gang chatting about Wild Rift
    • May consider playing again
    • Still seem to have problem with buying from store
  • Probably shouldn't join anniversary game on POG 2+2


  1. ah yes, just don't do a thing, it works for me, but you'll end up regretting it

    1. Mmm, yeah, sometimes I do feel like just dropping everything. 😃 But that leaves a void, and I tend to then try filling it up with more new things. 😃 Which makes it an even bigger problem since I still feel a longing for the old things and now have those new things as well. 😃


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