Bullet Journal 2021-04-06 Tuesday

  • Participated in discussion on moderation on FoL yesterday
    • Suggested jury system where regular members can take part in internal moderation discussions on rotating basis
    • Some thought it was interesting idea but probably not workable long term
    • Others simply thought it unnecessary or not good
    • Most people speaking seem to be saying that mods simply need to be more strict
    • Also that rules need to be more explicit
    • I think both those are easier said than done
  • Read thread on game moderation on POG 2+2
    • Debate about whether game hosts should have full control over who plays their games
  • Working on Forum Battle Royale
    • Thinking of switching to 8 general actions instead of start, movement, and end actions
    • That will make it more flexible for future changes (e.g. terrain effects, new actions, etc.)
    • Still think website might be best format for rules and such