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I've heard about social deduction games for awhile now. Those are the games where players get random roles and people have to try figuring out who everyone is. You either try to eliminate everyone else or there's a good team and evil team that compete to eliminate the other team. Generally the good team isn't sure who is good and who is evil, while the evil team knows each other.

I've played Coup with friends and that's really fun. I know that Werewolf and Town of Salem are fairly popular. For IdleRPG, there's a minigame for Werewolf that's kind of fun, though mostly feels random. I recently downloaded and played a mobile version of Town of Salem. That was kind of fun, but I felt like a lot of the players weren't really serious.

While I was researching Town of Salem, I found out about a PC game called Throne of Lies. It looked like a better version of Town of Salem or Werewolf. Plus, as a PC game, I thought perhaps it would be better to type since it's harder to send messages and update journals in a mobile game and they seem to be somewhat fast-paced.

There weren't many players on at the time I was going to try playing a game. I went to the Discord server for Throne of Lies just to read up more and maybe connect with other players. I found out that there are generally more players at other times and the games fill up relatively quickly. So I'm sure I could find players to play sometime during a morning or late evening.

While I was looking through the Discord server, I noticed some channels about Forum of Lies. I discovered that this was a forum version of Throne of Lies that takes place at a much slower pace over days.

So I signed up for a game that was in the preparation stages. Eventually we got enough players and the game started earlier this week.

I must say, this has been an interesting experiment. I wasn't sure what to expect. It's strange and really a totally different game than those other mobile and PC versions. It is all just constant discussions back and forth in an attempt to figure out who the bad guys are. Lots of lingo and abbreviations to learn. Fascinating. 😃


  1. People who specialize in lying will do good in that game.

    "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it."

    1. Haha yeah. That's part of what I want to study in this game. I want to see if I can get better at detecting people's motivations from what they say. Some of these players seem to know about how to tell when other players are acting more like the good guys or the bad guys. I think this does get better with experience. It's nice with a game because when it ends, we can review the actual facts of who was good and who was bad. Other times in life, you may think you know whether someone is lying or not, but you probably have no way to verify that feeling.


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