Forum of Lies Night 4

Well that's certainly interesting. Gorta turned out to be telling the truth. He was executed today and flipped as a good guy. Are the wolves winning now? I hope not.

Man, in some ways I feel sorry for Gorta. I really am glad that he didn't tell a lie about IRL circumstances for an advantage in the game. However, he has also seriously jeopardized our chances of winning. He is really a liability as a teammate. I suppose this aphorism applies.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

— Hanlon's Razor

His words and actions make him so easy to read as bad. But I guess that's just him being a stupid player. Unless he's such a masterful gamer that he's setting all this up for a game in the future where he really is the bad guy and can then point to all previous games to explain his seemingly bad behavior. Now that would be something that deserves respect.