Bullet Journal 2022-03-25 Friday

  • Organizing bit by bit
  • WindwardAway sent me DM asking if I was interested in joining Osie's game on FoL
    • First of all, I was pleasantly surprised to get the message from WWA
    • Not sure what prompted her to ask
    • She's not a co-host for the game
    • It's wonderful when people reach out like this
    • Previously I decided not to join because a game like this will be difficult to keep up with
    • Now I'm considering again
    • She said she won't try hard for the 1st day or 2
    • I probably wouldn't be able to do much for 1st day or 2 since it starts on the Tomb Sweeping Festival 4-day weekend
    • Also talked about Magnus' RP game on FoL
    • Also want to join that, but not sure I could focus on it
    • Feel like I'd be disappointed and possibly frustrated
  • Started reading Thinking in Bets again from where I'd paused