Bullet Journal 2022-03-15 Tuesday

  • My SBPC (Sort By Post Count) game now in signups on FoL
  • Watched Classroom of the Elite anime through episode 7
    • Episode 7 was slightly beyond where I had read in the light novels
    • Might read next light novel after finishing Sword of Kaigen
  • Cleaning up a bit here and there
  • Feel like I'm moving too slowly
  • Oh, talked with Arete briefly about a fanfic post
    • Another section is a meditation on her popular understanding as the god of fighting Evil. She refers to it, herself, as being the god of defeating Evil, and She thinks it an important difference. When children are learning to swordfight, they commonly try to swing their sword at the enemy's sword, seeing that swordfighting often involves weapons clashing in this fashion and thinking that to swordfight you ought to clash your weapon in this fashion. But when you swing a sword, you should be trying to kill or cripple the other person. They might bring their sword down in your way, they might not, but a swordfight is not your aim; it is the natural consequence of your aims being thwarted. Iomedae expects that her followers will have to fight many battles, but the battle is not the aim, and must never be mistaken for it.
    • From Pathfinder fanfic called necessities are free
    • I was interested in idea about defeating Evil vs fighting Evil
    • Other parts of original post are also interesting about defeating what is broken in the universe
    • Also about how Good is approaching the world where you might not understand everything but you are more likely to at least make it better