Bullet Journal 2022-03-21 Monday

  • Listening to post-rock again to soothe myself while walking
  • SBPC game on FoL was a success
    • Some people seemed genuinely interested in the results
    • Nice to see talk about old times
    • People got to learn about early history of site
    • DatBird was nice to specifically compliment my hosting
  • Orange asked me to be one of the co-hosts for his upcoming invitational again
    • He said he liked how well I handled the other one
    • I said that I probably could
    • Hopefully my schedule will work out
    • He said "you're awesome, genuinely" 🙂
    • That was especially nice coming from him
  • Thinking about joining Osie's game on FoL
    • Seems kind of like a mini-mash
    • Might not require too much investment, which I wouldn't have time for
    • Though could have tons of posts
  • Almost done reading The Sword of Kaigen
  • Found time to meditate today
    • Really need to do this more often
    • Sometimes try at night, but usually feel too sleepy
  • Scruffy contacted me today
  • Should contact Miach soon


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