Bullet Journal 2022-03-22 Tuesday

  • Finished reading The Sword of Kaigen
    • Rated 4/5 stars
    • I like all the "real life" themes presented in this story. A lot of coming to terms with what we didn't previously know. Things that were misunderstood. And learning acceptance of other people and ourselves.
    • I was kind of annoyed by the unnecessary usage of special names for time durations like minutes, hours, and such. It just added unnecessary confusion. I understand how a fantasy or sci-fi writer does this to make the world more obviously foreign. And maybe to specifically show that the time scales are slightly different on this other world. But it just comes across as annoying.
    • I was sad to read in the afterword that the author doesn't plan to continue with this series anytime soon. It seems like this could really be a cool world to explore.
  • Considering what to read next
    • Maybe next Classroom of the Elite
    • Also should maybe focus on continuing with non-fiction book already started
  • Joining Seth's game on FoL
  • Feeling glad that I quit SINoALICE
  • Keeping up with Duolingo streak for studying Chinese