P2W really does spoil games

I was participating in Storm Conquest within the mobile game War of Genesis. My guild TSO (The Shadow Order) has been recently competing against a Korean guild SOG for the one ruin location.We use to be able to fight against other guilds to capture the ruin, but now SOG has been sending their whales against us. Pretty much their whole guild is full of whales.

I use to think P2W was fine in games. I myself do pay some for improvements, though usually I am more concerned about cosmetics. It didn't seem like it mattered too much. Like in Mobile Legends, you still needed skill to actually play competitively. But in War of Genesis and Dragon Raja, it looks like P2W has such a huge advantage. One SOG member is able to hold out against our whole guild. We even attempted to use strategy in timing the attacks, but that failed in the end because SOG could just pay lots of diamonds to speed up their attack. I'm tempted to write something to the developers, but I doubt it will make a difference.

P2W should have limits in games. It should be mostly for cosmetics. Other boosts can be there to allow people to catch up if they don't have much time to play. But people shouldn't be allowed to quickly and easily strengthen themselves to the point where no one can compete against them. Maybe I should stick to games like Mobile Legends where skill actually matters. I think that League of Legends game should be coming out soon for mobile.