Old friends

I just saw an email from one of my old friends from Mobile Legends. I feel so guilty about leaving my Mistborn clan, but I had to. I had a nervous breakdown from all the pressure during that time. Though not all of it was due to Mistborn, certainly a big part of it was. It was an unfortunate combination of work, family, and social pressures all bearing down on me at once. I couldn't handle it.

After my breakdown, my therapist got me to admit my involvement with Mistborn. He strongly suggested that I needed to immediately cut ties with the group for at least a month to get back to stability. I reluctantly did as he asked and found that he was correct. As I spent more and more time away from Mistborn, I had to admit that I was feeling better overall. I had a clearer picture of what those relationships were doing to me. However, I held a lingering guilt. There were still a few people I missed so much.

Now that I've spent all this time away from them, I am wondering whether to return to Mistborn. I do miss the good times we had. However, I may need to disband Mistborn and just return as a simple friend and not a leader.

I added a link to my old Mistborn website that leads to this blog. If one of my old friends happens to find it and comes here, then I'll take that as a sign of fate...


  1. I tried to look at the old website because there are rumors that you sold your account on Mobile Legends because of the sudden change of name, Psylent Knight to Whysper. Well, then I knew there's something new to discover in the old web 'cause of the name change. So I quickly went to the "Psylent Knight" tab thingy. And there I found "Lost Whyspers..."

    1. Ahhhh, of course you'd be the one to discover it. 🙂 It is good to hear from you, Scruffy. 🙂


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