How much should I open up?

Haha, I'm not sure whether to even use the names of my friends. I guess I won't for now.

I was chatting with one of my good friends about how things are going. He could sense that I've been distant. I had said something about being tired and busy thinking about things. Then he came out and asked if I was thinking about quitting Dragon Raja. Haha, I guess sometimes I'm easy to read. 🙂

I admitted that I was thinking about quitting other games. And rethinking how I spend my time and effort. He gave some encouraging and comforting words. I appreciated that. I was somewhat worried that he'd be upset or something if I said anything about leaving the game. But he just seemed to be supportive.

I also had another chat with my other good friend. He always asks good questions and encourages conversations about various topics. He asked what I wanted to talk about and for some reason I decided to ask if he wrote in a journal or on a blog. He did say that he writes in a journal once in awhile. I mentioned that I do that too, and that I recently started writing on a blog. I'm not sure why I said anything since that makes it more likely that my friends will find it. But surprisingly he didn't follow up asking how to get to my blog, so I guess I'll be hidden for now. 🙂

We talked about how writing as a skill is important. It is useful in many different careers and even life areas. That's part of why I've decided to take this on.