Leaving games

I am considering leaving War of Genesis. When I moved over to TSO to follow my friend Mia, it was fun and I almost felt like the game was getting better. It makes so much difference to be among a good group of friends. But then the guild leader left, and things weren't quite the same anymore. Plus, the game itself isn't really conducive to group activities. So without a good social group, the game feels dead.

I don't think I'll be investing much time into GWENT either. I already find that the strategy involved with the game requires some study and continued practice. I think I may still play it from time to time, but I don't expect it will be a main game for me.

So I suppose that just leaves Dragon Raja. I still have my doubts about whether that will last long term. I like my club, but I don't feel quite that connected with it. I basically just have connections with a few people in the game. But those require a lot of time to maintain the relationships. The game definitely helps with group activities, but maybe it requires too much involvement.

Haha, I feel like things are coming back around to the idea that Mobile Legends and Mistborn were the ideal game and social combination...