Bullet Journal 2022-02-18 Friday

  • Feel like I'm on the cusp of falling into despair again
    • If pause and think, realize this is absurd
    • Not enough to despair about
    • Big part is probably how tired I am
    • Also, just suddenly received unexpected demands
    • Still have lots of other demands on my time
    • Delaying tasks
    • All building up to dangerous levels
  • Up to this point, relatively proud of how I've been handling emotions
    • Successful at stopping myself from dwelling too much on things I can't do much about
    • Making myself move forward with action when doubting myself
    • Feeling in the flow
    • Feeling okay about skipping things temporarily
    • Feeling optimistic about future
    • Meditation has helped
    • Reading has helped
    • Podcasts have helped
    • Music has helped
    • Socializing has helped


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